The Club Grants Committee 

The Club Grants Committee has been here all the time, though very quiet, making sure Rotary Club of DeWitt continues its mission to support our community in every way.

It's time to meet the Club Grants Committee!  

And they are:

Carl Fahrenkrug, Sr.
Carolyn Paddock



 The DeWitt Rotary Club Grants Committee mission is to help locate  funding sources for its community service projects.



  1. Apply for Rotary District 7150 Foundation District Grants, based on President-Elect's and board decisions and approval.

  2. Apply for Rotary District 7150 Foundation Global Grants, based on President and/or President-Elect's and board decisions and approval.

  3. Apply for grants or other funding sources to support the Club's community projects, based on President and/or President-Elect's and board decisions and approval.

  4. Manage local high school scholarships. DeWitt Rotary Club offers the following scholarships annually.  Because the board changes, you'll need to apprise the board each year to save $2400 via e-mail or at a board meeting or two.  Funding source for these scholarships is the proceeds from Pancake Day, i.e., Philanthropy Committee.

Note:  The Club has funded these scholarships since 2017, even without District Grant support.

JDHS:  "Dewitt Rotary Scholarship". Dewitt Rotary will award two scholarships for $ 500 each.

Nottingham: “Dewitt Rotary Jay Wilkins Scholarship”. Dewitt Rotary will award one scholarship for $1000.

FMHS:  “Dewitt Rotary LOU MARSHALL AWARD”. Dewitt Rotary will award two awards for $500 each.”  


Where to find community projects?

  1. Club Grants Committee asks President-Elect what community service projects s/he would like to consider.

  2. Attend mandatory District Grants Management Seminar (GMS) - network with other Rotary Clubs- perhaps DeWitt RC could partner the one or two RC?

  3. Continually ask fellow Rotarians, friends, family, community and business organizations, and municipalities.


You want us to do a community project?

Rotarians and community and business members, if you like a community project to qualify for a District Grant, we need to hear from you: Please contact the Club President! 


Acitivities and Deeds

Click on Club Grants Committee activities to read its latest activities and deeds.

Each year,  Club President and Grants Committee are busy with District 7150 Foundation District Grants.  That's quite a mouthful!  In short, we refer to it as simply District Grants.  District Grant project is a  two- year process. If you truly would like to learn more about it, click on the information webpage.

The implementation of District Grant project actually starts in its second year, when the President-Elect becomes President.


The Rotary Club of DeWitt is a 501(c)4 organization, as such donations are not tax-deductible and the Club pays taxes.



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