NOTE: The Rotary year is July 1 to June 30.





 Adult Literacy Collection of Community Library of DeWitt and Jamesville

President: Keith Robisch

DeWitt Rotarian Jacky Robisch wrote the grant and spearheaded the program to its completion.  Thank you Jacky!! 

A number of books from different genres and materials were purchased with Foundation District Grant 2020.  These items will be used by Adult Literacy Learners (ALL) and English Language Learners (ELL).  The materials will be used to comprise a collection of books to meet the pleasure reading needs of these learners.  The collection of books will encourage the love of reading for all ELL and ALL users. This will be rewarding for everyone in our community. 

The Foundation District Grant also provided Rotary Clubs of DeWitt and Eastwood opportunity participate in the project. Rotarians recorded a number books onto audio CDs.  They also met and labeled all of the items purchased wth the label attached to this Final Report.  They were enthusiastic about being part of this august project.

Lifelong literacy is a basic right for all individuals in our society and is vital to the welfare of our community and nation.

District Grant Amount Approved : $1217.79

Rotary Clubs Minimum Matching Funds:  $1217.80

 Bringing the Total Budget to: $2435.59

      Grant Writer: Jacky Robisch

Shoutout to Eastwood Rotary for both their contribution and participation!

DeWitt Rotary Awarded

COVID-19 Special Grant!

COVID-19 Special Grant Awarded!May 1, 2020 Friday (Facebook)

Thanks to a Rotary District 7150 Foundation COVID-19 special grant awarded to Rotary Club of Dewitt, Rescue Mission Chief Program Officer, Amber VanderPloeg shows off some of the hand sanitizer the Rescue Mission was able to purchase. This grant is an example of how Rotary partners with local agencies like the Rescue Mission, so they can continue to serve the homeless with excellence, in spite of COVID-19. Thanks to the commitment of the Rotary Club of Dewitt, the vital work of the Rescue Mission continues even during the most challenging of times. VanderPloeg is pictured with DeWitt Rotarian Carolyn Hendrickson, Senior Philanthropy Officer at the Rescue Mission.

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D7150 COVID-19 Response Special Grants update, click on logo:



Rotary Clubs in Action: Lead Poison Training, Awareness, and Abatement  

President:  Linda Ervin 

City of Syracuse is “Lead Central”, meaning the area has dangerous levels of lead in residential, rental buildings. This program seeks to provide lead mitigation training to increase chances of employment in construction and awareness workshops for tenants and youth. It seeks to increase lead-safe housing in a cost-effective manner. The seed for this project comes from DeWitt Rotarian Kerin Rigney and Syracuse City Council Joe Driscoll.

it is recognized that behavior change in society can be helped by educating children who will then take those lessons home.

The lead abatement/awareness workshops are spearheaded by Syracuse Inner City Rotary Club and P.E.A.C.E. and are primarily supported by The Rotary Foundation Designated District Fund DDF matching grant, with Chittenango Rotary, DeWitt Rotary, and Syracuse Sunrise Rotary taking a supporting role in the development and evolution of the community service program. 

Per our District Grant application, six training workshops were offered. 

Lead-Safe Training Workshops:

Adult Workshops

Youth Leadership Workshops 

 5-year EPA Certificate training, provided by LeadSafe LLC.

Total District Grant budget: $6,555

Amount of District Grant Funds Approved ($):    2,500                 

Amount of Total Rotary Clubs' Contribution ($) :  4,055 (includes DeWitt RC)

Many  Many Thanks to our Rotary Club Partners:

Chittenango Rotary

Syracuse Inner City Rotary

Syracuse Sunrise Rotary

       Grant Writer: Kuki Haines